Hi, I am Jen Yancey

I am a wife and mom of three crazy and beautiful children. I was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. After studying Interior Architecture at UNC-Greensboro my husband, my oldest and I moved to Baltimore, MD where I worked for an architecture firm. Although it was my dream job we didn't stay in Baltimore long. 

We moved to Belmont, NC with dreams of working at a firm there and my husband working for a race car team building cars. Unfortunately these dreams were over shadowed by the crash of the 2008 economy. My husband and I were unable to find job in our fields. Therefore I spend three years as a stay at home mom, giving birth to baby #2 in 2008 and baby #3 in 2011. 

We moved back to Greensboro in the spring of 2011 and we were happy to be home. Around the time my youngest turned one I started to want to go back to work, but I knew there was no way we could afford that with three kids. Before becoming a "professional" photographer I had always loved photography even at a young age. My dad was a cinema photographer and also did work in still photography. I certainly didn't plan to become a photographer it kind of just found me. 

​My favorite part about being a photographer is capturing personalities and building friendships with my clients. Outside of photographer I spend most of my time in the school pick up line. Balancing family and photography is certainly challenging, but I wouldn't change it for anything. My family is very active in our church, where I serve on the Elementary team.

Thank you so much for stopping by to learn about me and I hope that I will get the opportunity to work with you and capture something amazing. 

Cheers, Jen



“We wouldn't let anyone else take our photos. Jen is so creative and great to work with. My girls love posing for her as well. She really knows how to bring out their true personalities.”